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Christmas 2011 was a very special event for us as we held our first concert at the newly dedicated Paulette Blain Memorial Library at Quisqueya Christian School on Delmas 75, Delmas, Port-au-Prince.  The house was packed and the concert went well.  Paulette, who died of a heart attack several months after the quake of 2010, was one of the founding members of our choir and sang with us since the very beginning in 1983.  It was a pleasure to have her son and his family in attendance for this event.  The second concert was held in the auditorium of Quisqueya Chapel on Rue Catalpa, Fragneauville to a nearly full house.  These concerts were under the direction of Mr. Valéry Pyram who had sang tenor with us for many years and then took over being our rehearsal pianist.  He had the support of conductor Jacques Lahens Jr who conducted all of our rehearsals and then returned to sing with the bass section.
Also during the Christmas 2011 Season we participated in the annual concert at Eglise St. Pierre with the choir Nous Et Les Autres and again put on the annual Christmas Program at St. James the Just Episcopal Church Christmas Eve - "Papa & Friends Sing Christmas".
For Christmas 2010 we partnered with the several other choirs (Les Petits Chanteurs of Holy Trinity Music School, The Parish Choir of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Nous Et Les Autres - the main choir of St. Peters Church in Pétionville) and the Holy Trinity Philharmonic Orchestra, to present Handel's Messiah at the Karibé Convention Center in Pétionville. In light of the quake which destroyed nearly every major church in the Capital, Port-au-Prince, we joined forces and sang together to show our support of the reconstruction efforts as well as to encourage one another as each of our choirs lost members to the quake.
The 2008 Christmas Season was exciting! Under the direction of Miss Diana Dawn Goodwin we held two concerts of "The Messiah" December 7th at Eglise St. Pierre in Pétionville and December 14th at Quisqueya Chapel, Delmas 75 Rue Catalpa, Delmas/Port-au-Prince.
On December 14, 2008 several members also participated in the annual Christmas concert by the "Nous Et Les Autres" choir at Eglise St. Pierre in Pétionville.
On Christmas Eve at the "Allan Chabot 'Papa' and Friends" Concert at St. James the Just Episcopal Church also in Pétionville.
December 28th at the "Artistes en Harmonie" concert at the Adventist University at Diquini in Carrefour, Haiti.
If you would like to support our youth activities you may send donations to the following address:
Rev. A. R. Chabot-Stahls
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Venice, FL 34285
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