Jeunesse en Action du Canada - Providing young people with ministry opportunities.
Thank you for your interest in
"Jeunesse en Action du Canada."
(Youth in Action of Canada)
Jeunesse en Action du Canada is a ministry of the Independent Holiness Church of Canada ministering to and through young people currently primarily in the Republic of Haiti and in the Dominican Republic.
Jeunesse en Action du Canada provides ministry opportunities through
music and community service activities. One of our main ministries has been 
The International Community Chorus of Haiti which has been singing
"The Messiah" by G.F. Handel almost every year since 1983. 
Jeunesse en Action du Canada 
and the
Independent Holiness Churches of Canada
in partnership with:
Since January 12, 2010 to present
The United New Testament Church International,
Trinity Christian Evangelical University Alumni,
Living Waters Fellowship of Watertown, NY,
Missing Links, USA
Convencion Bautista Dominicana and Convention Baptiste d'Haïti,
Baptist Global Relief, and
St. James the Just Episcopal Church of Haiti
We continue to respond to needs of many who were affected by the Earthquake of January 12, 2010 which hit us here in Haiti.  Through the efforts of everyone pulling together we have provided medical assistance, tents and temporary housing, food, transportation, emergency travel visa assistance,etc... to many Haitians and ex pats living in Haiti who have been affected by the quake. 
Now that over two years has passed we are no longer dealing with people in need of temporary emergency housing or quake-related injuries. We are now addressing the longer-term problems of the people with whom we work and are in need of assistance both in-kind and financial.  The continued need of prayer support goes without asking.
One area where we are currently putting our focus in helping provide tools to help those who can farm and small livestock.  Most Haitians who live in rural areas have access to land which can often sustain gardens or small livestock.  Since early 2011 we have been purchasing goats and farm implements to help their efforts to become self-supporting.
Over the past two years we have partnered with various churches and organizations to co-ordinate assistance to those in need.  We thank those with the UNTCI and TECU Alumni who assisted us by providing tents immediately after the quake for emergency housing and continue with prayer support. Missing Link, USA has provided technical support and kept people up-to-date throughout the months. The Baptist Conventions of the Dominican Republic and of Haiti, together with Baptist Global Relief responded quickly with emergency food and medical assistance and we have been involved with them in these efforts since shortly after the quake.  Our missionaries and theirs have worked together hand-in-hand to make a difference - showing that the love of Christ goes beyond church/denominational boundaries - especially in times of great crisis. We have enjoyed partnering with these fine people and also assisted in their Post Traumatic Stress Training Seminars which were held a few months after the quake.  The congregation of St. James the Just Episcopal Church here in Haiti have been wonderful as has the Rev. Macdonald Jean who has been very supportive of our efforts. A special thanks to the Rev. Lauren Stanley who assisted us in getting our Internet connections established so that we can finally be on line again and for providing us with some very timely assistance over the months while she traveled in and out of Haiti with the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti.
In the past we have also provided much needed relief to hurricane victims.
Amongst the many ministries of helps we also have a sponsorship program which assists children to attend school in rural areas. We also have a number of young adults which who have graduated from High School and have gone on to college. One is currently in their second year of nursing, another at entry level nursing, and a third studying agronomy so that he can help his people produce better crops and livestock.
If you are ever in Haiti during the month of December we invite you to attend our annual performances of "The Messiah".
Rev. Bishop Allan R. & Rev. Anita R. Chabot-Stahls
Missionaries with the Ind. Holiness Churches of Canada to Hispaniola.
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