Jeunesse en Action du Canada - Providing young people with ministry opportunities.
Relief & Community Development
Jeunesse en Action du Canada 
helps with emergency relief and does ongoing community development.
Following  the 7.0  earthquake of January 12, 2010, as in other times in the past, we have responded to needs in communities where we have ministries. We provided tents and tarps to give temporary shelter, food, clothing, finances, phone cards, and often medical assistance. 
We continue to provide assistance on an ongoing basis and have also expanded our goat and small livestock project which provides rural families with a source of renewable income.
After the hurricanes which struck Haiti at the end of August and in September 2008 we were some of the first on the ground with relief for many of the people just past the town of Cabaret in the communities of TiPlas, TèSale, Desca, and Dame Fortune.
          We provided food to hundreds of people who lost nearly everything in the wake of a flash flood which came down their valley. A valley which no one ever remembered ever having a previous flood problem of this magnitude.  We took a small team of doctors and held a clinic - seeing over 250 people and provided free medications and treatment.
A group of UN soldiers from the Jordanian base at Source Matelas came with us to provide security and assisted us in passing out cases of sandals.
During the first 3 months after the hurricanes we provided food to over 200 families each week. For over six months we continued to provide food to nearly 100 families on a weekly basis. We praise God for enabling us to do so. We have also assisted several families in rebuilding their destroyed homes.
Not only have we assisted through food distribution but we have helped provide seed from which they can replant gardens and operate a small livestock project which now has several goats and a cow. As well as child sponsorship which enables children to attend school.
Young people from other communities go with us weekly to help in food distributions and small projects.Aid was also sent to communities north of Gonaïves, as well as Jacmel, and Thomassin.
If you are interested in contributing to our work please write to us at the following address:
Rev. A. R. Chabot-Stahls
c/o Agape Flights, Inc.,
100 Airport Ave PAP-1119
Venice, FL 34285
Those needing tax receipts for Canada or the U.S. may contact us for information on how to  donate and receive a receipt for tax purposes.
We particularly remember and honor:
  • Daas & Roula Zakhour  (ABC Market, Carrefour Shada) 
  • Jocelyn Guerrier (alto, International Community Chorus and Les Petits Chanteurs of Holy Trinity Music School)
  • Lise Mbong Mbong (UN; soprano, International Community Chorus)
  • Marmadou Baah (UN)
  • Anne Chabot ( Hotel Montana within an hour after arriving in Haiti from Montreal)
We are still looking for information
for the following choir members:
  • Patrick Alcy - still no news June 2012
  • Pierrette Altema - found to be alive and well! - Dec 2011
  • Marie Laura Clement - still no news June 2012
  • Tlouse Petit Homme - found to be alive and well! - Dec 2011
  • Robert Nerva (Nero) - still no news June 2012
If you live in Haiti and know the whereabouts of any of these mentioned here please contact us or have them contact us. We continue to pray that they are well but just displaced and shall continue to ask for them until we know otherwise.
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